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Top 5 Solar-powered Malls in the Philippines

The use of solar is the current trend in the power generation industry. The reason is because it is much cleaner and cheaper than other sources like coal. Many homes have resorted into solar and saved. Well, malls wouldn’t want to be left out either. There are malls that have entered a contract with Solar […]

Batangas’ Largest Solar Farm – Harvesting Solar Power in the Philippines

A past unproductive land in Barangay Paraiso, Batangas, became a sea of 200,000 solar panels, harvesting heat from the sun and generates enough electricity to power the whole of Western Batangas. The 63.3-megawatt Calatagan Solar Farm at the convergence of Calatagan, Lian, and Balayan towns is the largest solar facility here in the Philippines today. […]

Best Conditions for Solar Panels in the Philippines

Solar energy is the most reliable form of renewable energy. Solar panels have photovoltaic cells (PV cells) that convert the sun rays into electricity. You have to know the factors and the best conditions for the solar panel to generate electricity. Factors Affecting the Solar Panel The positioning of the panel – The solar panel […]

Solar Panels and the Philippine Climate

Climate is defined as the weather condition prevailing in an area in general or over a long period of time. Solar panel, being an instrument that really needs proper exposure to sunlight in order to generate electricity, is closely related to climate. Solar panel use here in the Philippines has some aspects to be considered […]