Solar Panels for sale Bacolod

Would you want to employ the ultimate source of energy by having solar panels in Bacolod? In our area, solar panels are a fantastic choice to generate the necessary power. Alternative energy from the sun, unlike customary source of current, won’t make whatever kind of air pollution. But did you know that this is not all that solar panels are able to offer! You can literally even save money spending with them!

Solar Panels Bacolod

Saving on electricity with solar panels in Bacolod?

You can be positive this claim is honest! Subsequently only five years of employing solar panels you can already economize your expenses. Can you accept this? Think of this:

A monthly power bill of P1500 (normal house without air conditioner) would total to P90,000.00 in just five years. Everyday after this you will render free of charge power with your very own solar panel. Even effective in a bigger house that may have a monthly consumption of P4,000 which has a full amount of P240000 in 5 years time. As an addition to its notable advantages, it has an assurance of twenty-five years to continue at least eighty percent of its capability. But to completely persuade you, with the right installation and upkeep, solar panels can run for forty years!

Solar Panel Price for Bacolod

You can have our solar panels immediately! Go here to check out our solar panel cost!

How trustworthy are solar panels?

For sure, because our solar panels are sold with whole electrical converter and batteries that will bank electricity when there is no sunshine. Therefore, our solar panel choices are a bit more pricey, but they are sold with a warranty and full service. But you don’t need to fear to deplete your money in this investment when purchasing solar panels because we only market the best quality solar panels that will really last for decades. Do you like to read further? Please contact us:


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