Solar Panels for sale Davao Oriental

Are you located in Davao Oriental and would desire to employ solar energy for your home? To exploit the cheapest energy in our area, solar panels are the first alternative to do this. Contrary to conventional current, alternative energy creates no pollutants that harms the ecosystem. But did are you aware that this is not all that solar panels could provide! You can literally even save money with solar panels!

Solar Panels Davao Oriental

Do solar panels in Davao Oriental really giving you money?

You can be sure this statement is true! Investing in a solar panel changes your electric consumption and pays off subsequently about five years. Follow this calculation if you consider its not trustworthy :

A monthly electrical energy due of 1,500 Pesos (common household without aircon) will possibly amount to P90000 in five years. That means you enjoy free power every day subsequently! Even beneficial in a bigger home that may have a monthly due of P4,000 which has a full sum of P240,000.00 in 5 years. For sure, you will use your solar panels way more than 5 years, as a matter of fact it can be twenty-five years with warranty. Don’t consider that the solar panels will live on for only slightly longer than five year. Really, there is a warranty for twenty-five years. Nevertheless, it’s in all likelihood that your solar panels run for 40 years!

Solar Panel Price for Davao Oriental

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Are solar panels genuinely trustworthy?

True, because your powering is assisted with batteries to have electrical energy while there is no light. Hence, our solar panel packages are slightly more pricey, but they are sold with a warranty and full service. But our excellent quality panels will live on many years and therefore are more low-priced in the long run. Do you desire to know additional? Please email us:


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