Solar Panels for sale Davao

Are you living in Davao and would desire to employ solar power for your establishments? The ultimate source of energy is one of the economically viable power sources which an establishment can harness the required power in our country. The warm weather gives plenty of bright daytime to develop full application of solar power. But do are you aware that this isn’t all that solar panels are able to offer! You can actually even economize money with solar panels!

Solar Panels Davao

Economize on electrical energy with solar panels in Davao?

Sure, this is absolutely attainable! Subsequently only 5 years of using solar panels you can already reduce your expenses. Can you trust on this? Think of this:

You settle just about P90,000 for power in five years, if your every month’s due is P1,500.00. After that time frame, you enjoy your solar panels to generate literally free electrical energy. If you have a monthly consumption of P4000, you can purchase a solar panel package for P240,000 with the same calculation. In addition to its familiar rewards, it has a warrantee of 25 years to proceed at to the lowest degree, eighty percent of its capability. It is even possible to utilize solar panels for 40 years.

Solar Panel Price for Davao

You can have our solar panels right now! Go here to examine our solar panel price!

Are solar panels genuinely time-tested?

For sure, because your powering is aided with batteries to have electrical energy while there is no sunshine. Hence, our solar panel choices are slightly more costly, but they come with a warranty and full technical service. But if you consider that inferior solar panels will never go as long as our products, you will see that the best quality solar panels will in reality save you cash afterwards. To get your solar panels, just email us!


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