Solar Panels for sale Digos

Some people in Digos are despirately looking for solar panels. In our country, solar panels are a great means to create the necessary electricity. The hot situation provides lots of hot period to develop whole application of the ultimate source of energy. But did are you aware that that is not all that solar panels can offer! You can really even save money with solar panels!

Solar Panels Digos

Economize on energy with solar panels in Digos?

This is attainable for sure! Spending in a solar panel decreases your electric bill and pays off subsequently about 5 years. Check up on this computation if you consider its not real:

You pay off about P90000 for energy in five years, if your monthly due is P1500. Everyday after this you can yield expenseless electrical energy with your very own solar panel. If you get a monthly due of P4000, you can buy a solar panel package for P240,000 with the same breakdown. As an addition to its better-known advantages, it has a warrantee of twenty-five years to proceed at least 80% of its capability. Nonetheless, it’s promising that your solar panels work for forty years!

Solar Panel Price for Digos

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Are solar panels really trustworthy?

Sure, because your consumption is backed up with batteries to have electricity even if there is no sunshine. Because we completed everything required, our solar packages are slightly more expensive than the panels you get in twopenny shops. But our top quality products will live on several decades and consequently are more low-priced as the time goes by. Would you like to see more? Please email us:


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