Solar Panels for sale Misamis Occidental

Do you desire to employ solar energy by using solar panels in Misamis Occidental? In our locality, solar panels are a awesome means to create the required electricity. The hot weather offers lots of hot daytime to produce whole use of the energy from the sun. But those are not all the entire gains, cause you could really economize expenses with solar panels!

Solar Panels Misamis Occidental

Saving on power with solar panels in Misamis Occidental?

Yes, this is utterly achievable! Putting money in a solar panel decreases your electric bill and the investment for solar panel will come back later on just about 5 years. Observe this analysis if you believe its not trustworthy :

A monthly electricity bill of P1,500.00 (average house with no air con) would reach to 90,000 Pesos in just 5 years. Everyday after this you can render no-cost energy with your solar panel. Bigger houses with 4,000 Pesos monthly consumption may have more efficient solar panel packages for 240,000 Pesos and save this sum in 5 years. As an addition to its familiar rewards, it has a guarantee of 25 years to proceed at to the lowest degree, 80% of its capability. Nevertheless, it’s probable that your solar panels function for forty years!

Solar Panel Price for Misamis Occidental

You can buy our solar panels right away! Click this link to examine our solar panel cost!

How time-tested are solar panels?

Yes, because our solar panels are manufactured with complete inverter and batteries that will store power when there is no sun. Therefore, our solar panel choices are somewhat more expensive, but they come with a guarantee and full service. But our excellent quality solar panels will hold up several decades and therefore are more affordable in the end. Email us straight off to know more!


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