Solar Panels for sale Negros Oriental

Many people in Negros Oriental are earnestly looking for solar panels. To use the cheapest electrical energy in our region, solar panels are the foremost option to do this. The ultimate source of energy, not like conventional power, doesn’t make whatever kind of pollution. But solar panels are not simply for ecologists, because you can really even save some salary!

Solar Panels Negros Oriental

Can you really economize on your energy invoice in Negros Oriental?

This is viable for sure! Later on only five years of using solar panels you can already decrease your bill on electricity. If you have uncertainties, refer at this calculation:

You settle around 90,000 Pesos for electricity in 5 years, if your monthly consumption is P1,500. Everyday after this you will create no-cost power with your very own solar panel. Larger houses with P4000 monthly consumption may use more efficient solar panel packages for P240,000 and save this sum in five years. True, you will utilise your solar panels way much longer than five years, in fact it can be 25 years with warrantee. Do not imagine that the solar panels will hold up only slightly longer than 5 years. In reality there is a warranty for 25 years. Nonetheless, it’s prospective that your solar panels go for 40 years!

Solar Panel Price for Negros Oriental

Would you desire to know more information pertaining to the solar panels? You can see all the solar panel pricing on this list!

Can you count on the electricity output?

For sure, because our solar panels are manufactured with whole electrical converter and batteries that will keep energy when there is no sunshine. Hence, our solar panel options are a bit more pricey, but they come with a guarantee and full technical support. But our top quality panels will live on several decades and consequently are more affordable as the time flies. Would you want to learn further information? Just contact us:


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