Solar Panels for sale San Carlos

Majority of inhabitants in San Carlos are recently looking for solar panels. In the Philippines, solar panels are a awesome way to make the required electricity. Unlike conventional electricity, solar power creates no wastes that destroys the environment. But did are you aware that this isn’t all that solar panels can give! You can really even save money with it!

Solar Panels San Carlos

Are solar panels in San Carlos literally giving you money?

Yes, this is perfectly feasible! Investing in a solar panel modifies your electric usage and the investment for solar panel will be compensated back later on around 5 years. If you have uncertainties, look at this computation:

You pay approximately P90,000 for electricity in 5 years, if your every month’s consumption is 1,500 Pesos. Each day after this you will render no-cost electricity with your solar panel. If you have a monthly due of 4,000 Pesos, you can purchase a solar panel package for 240,000 Pesos with same computation. In addition to its acknowledged benefits, it has an assurance of twenty-five years to continue at least 80% of its capability. But to entirely convince you, with suitable installation and maintenance, solar panels can go for forty years!

Solar Panel Price for San Carlos

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Are solar panels genuinely tested?

True, because your solar panel are assisted with batteries to have electricity even though there is no sun. Hence, our solar panel options are a bit more high-priced, but they are sold with a warrantee and full service. But you don’t need to be concerned to expend your money in this investment when buying solar panels because we only stock the best quality panels that will sure go for several decades. Contact us straightaway to learn more!


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