Solar Panels for sale Siquijor

Would you want to employ solar power by employing solar panels in Siquijor? The ultimate source of energy is one of the cheapest electricity sources where an establishment is able to exploit the requisite power in our area. The tropical situation offers lots of bright days to make whole usage of the energy from the sun. But solar panels are not simply for ecology lovers, because you can actually even save some salary!

Solar Panels Siquijor

Can you genuinely save on your electricity statement in Siquijor?

Sure, this is absolutely feasible! Later on only 5 years of utelizing solar panels you can already conserve your spending on power. Check up on this breakdown if you believe its not reliable:

You pay off about P90,000 for electricity in 5 years, if your each month’s due is P1,500.00. That means you get unlimited free power day-to-day afterwards! If you have a monthly consumption of P4,000, you can purchase a solar panel package for P240000 with same calculation. Of course, you will utilise your solar panels much longer than 5 years, in fact it could be twenty-five years with warranty. Don’t think that the solar panels will last only little longer than 5 years. Really, there is a warranty for 25 years. It is even possible to employ solar panels for forty years.

Solar Panel Price for Siquijor

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How tested are solar panels?

The solar panel we deal are for sale with batteries that will satisfy your electricity needs on the night and on cloudy days. Because we enclosed everything essential, our solar packages are a bit more pricey compared to the panels you acquire in two-a-penny manufacturers. But you do not need to be worried to spend your money in this product when purchasing solar panels due to the fact that we only import excellent quality products that will guarranteed survive for decades. Contact us now to see more!


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