Information about solar panel installations in the Philippines

As a specialist for planning and installation of photo-voltaic solar systems we have countless reference installations. This is from plant sizes of 2 kWp up to 400 kWp. Large solar power systems from 30 kWp performance and up can be monitored remotely through our solar center. On request, we can provide access to the full data.

The following images are some of our solar panel installations in open space

Solar panel installations for commercial and industrial buildings

Large roofs on industrial and commercial buildings offer a great opportunity to utilize the space for solar energy. Solar panels can be installed quickly and without too much planning. The energy produced by such large solar panel installations usually can cover the powering needs inside the building.

Utilizing solar power in residential buildings

Solar energy brings great opportunities for private households. Being an investment in the first place, the solar panels can create big savings in the long run. Ask us about how to use solar panels in your home!

Set-Up of your individual solar panel installation

Depending on the power consumption in your household, you need to choose the correct equipment. Only if your solar panel installation will fit your actual needs you will really enjoy using solar energy.


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