Solar Panels for sale Southern Leyte

Majority of inhabitants in Southern Leyte are earnestly on the market for solar panels. The energy from the sun is one of the safest power sources where one is able to tap into the needed power in our region. The tropical climate provides plenty of sunny days to make entire application of solar power. But those are not all the only rewards, cause you are able to literally save expenses with solar panels!

Solar Panels Southern Leyte

Could you literally save on your power account in Southern Leyte?

This claim is attainable for sure! As a matter of fact you can already economically get later only 5 years of utelizing solar panels. If you have uncertainties, look at this breakdown:

In an (normal household with no aircon you pay off just about P1500 monthly which is P90000 in five years. This means you experience unlimited free electricity day-after-day later on! If you have a monthly due of P4,000.00, you can buy a solar panel package for P240,000 with identical calculation. In addition to its familiar advantages, it has a warrantee of 25 years to go on at to the lowest degree, eighty percent of its capacity. Nevertheless, it is promising that your solar panels work for 40 years!

Solar Panel Price for Southern Leyte

You can get our solar panels right now! Find out the solar panel pricing here!

Are solar panels actually reliable?

The solar panel we advertize are purchasable together with batteries that will back up your electricity necessities during the night and on rainy days. Due to the fact that have enclosed everything required, our solar options are slightly more expensive than the solar panels you acquire in brassy distributors. But you don’t need to be concerned to loose your hard earned cash in this investment when getting solar panels due to the fact that we only market excellent quality products that will sure last for decades. Do you desire to learn further? Just email us:


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