Solar Panels for sale Taguig

Are you living in Taguig and would like to utilize alternative energy for your property? In the Philippines, solar panels are a great choice to produce the much needed power. Unlike conventional power, solar power makes no emission that destructs the ecosystem. But these aren’t all the sole gains, cause you are able to actually economize expenses with solar panels!

Solar Panels Taguig

Can you literally save on your power bill in Taguig?

You can be certain this statement is true! Later on only five years of utelizing solar panels you can already conserve your consumption on power. You can not believe this? Think of this:

You pay about P90000 for electricity in five years, if your each month’s consumption is 1,500 Pesos. Everyday after this you can create free of charge electricity with your solar panel. Bigger households with P4000 monthly due may get larger solar panel packages for P240000 and save this amount in five years. As an addition to its better-known gains, it has a guarantee of twenty-five years to go along at to the lowest degree, eighty percent of its capability. But to entirely convince you, with suitable installation and upkeep, solar panels can functions for 40 years!

Solar Panel Price for Taguig

You can purchase our solar panels straight off! Find out the solar panel pricing here!

Are solar panels truly tested?

True, because your solar panel are backed with batteries to have energy while there is no sunshine. Because have included all the things that are needed, our solar packages are somewhat more high-priced than the panels you acquire in brassy distributors. But our excellent quality solar panels will hold up several decades and consequently are more low-priced in the long run. Contact us straight off to see more!


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