Top 5 Solar-powered Malls in the Philippines

The use of solar is the current trend in the power generation industry. The reason is because it is much cleaner and cheaper than other sources like coal. Many homes have resorted into solar and saved. Well, malls wouldn’t want to be left out either. There are malls that have entered a contract with Solar Philippines, founded by Leandro Leviste, to replace their source of power to solar. Starting from the first one to make this change, let us know the top 5 solar-powered malls.

  1. Central Mall Biñan

    It was a 700-kilowatt rooftop solar system, the largest Southeast Asia’s largest own-use power project at the time of its launching. The Central Mall Biñan solar project was the first solar installation financed by Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). It is also the first solar-powered shopping mall in the Philippines. The rooftop span of the mall is 7,000 square meters which are installed with 2,514 solar panels and equipment from premium German brands. It was able to cover 30% of the mall’s energy needs, resulting in millions of pesos savings in their part. The constructed roof deck can be able to supply enough energy to 1,000 homes and after 20 years of its operation, it would be able to have an offset of over 20,000 tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to planting 100,000 trees.
  2. CityMall Roxas

    It was agreed on April 2014 between Solar Philippines and the management of CityMall to construct a solar panel system in their roof. The project would be a 650-kilowatt rooftop solar system. It would diminish their electricity bills and would be able to supply 40% of their energy needs. CityMall Roxas, located in Panay, is the first solar mall outside Luzon.

  3. SM North Edsa

    The project has 5, 750 solar panels which are installed in the multi-level parking building. It generates 1.5 MW of power that is enough for the mall’s 16,000 lighting fixtures, 59 escalators, and 20 elevators. It is expected to cover 5% of the mall’s total electricity. It is said to give 2 million of savings in the electric bill for SM North Edsa. During the time of its launching, it replaced the Central Mall Biñan on being the largest solar-powered mall.

  4. Robinsons Place Palawan

    The Robinsons Place Palawan have 4,710 solar panels and 39 inverters. It has the area of 15,000 square meters. The 1.2 MW solar project would provide the 25% percent of the mall’s energy requirement. It is also expected to have an offset of 40,000 tons of carbon. Consumers in Palawan have to pay the highest power rates in the country because it is not serviced by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines due to its location. The solar project is expected to help in Puerto Princesa’s frequent power shortages. It is the first and biggest off-grid rooftop solar panel project in the Philippines.
  5. Robinsons Starmills

    The world’s largest rooftop solar-powered mall was now the Robinsons Starmills in Pampanga. The said solar project has the capacity of 2.88 megawatts of power. It has beaten the current largest solar-powered mall, the SM North Edsa with 1.5 MW of power. Spanning 1.75 hectares of roof space, the Robinsons Starmills had 10,880 solar panels installed. It covers the 25% of the mall’s energy need and diminished their monthly electric bill.

According to Solar Philippines, more malls are turning to solar as their energy source. This list would not end here. We can look forward to more and much bigger solar panel projects in the years to come as people became acquainted with this cheaper and cleaner way of generating power.